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Nov 18, 2010

Logitech World's First Solar Wireless Keyboard K750

 Logitech first introduced light powered keyboard is called Solar Wireless Keyboard K750. When we first sat down to build the keyboard, we wanted to intend it so that it would bring the superior performance people have come to expect from Logitech products, even in areas where there is little light think winter in the Arctic Circle.

Sep 20, 2010

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 up to 18 Months Battery Life

Logitech Announces Wireless Trackball M570, an ideal device for those seeking an alternative to traditional mouse or touchpad and that guarantees maximum comfort and control all day. Moreover, the new M570 is equipped with Wireless Trackball Logitech Unifying the receiver.

Sep 1, 2010

Meego OS Review | Meego OS for Netbooks, Smartphones and Tablet PC | Preview of User Experiences

In Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress , Nokia and Intel had held a crowded joint conference to announce the confluence of open-source projects Moblin ( originally an OS based on Fedora Linux and promoted by Intel , then returned to the orbit of the Linux Foundation ) and Maemo ( platform developed by Nokia for its smartphones and Internet tablets based on Debian Linux) in the new operating system Meego.

But despite the crush of journalists and professionals , the presentation was very sparing of details and so we at Notebook Italy as foreign colleagues were left with an unsatisfied curiosity and many unspoken questions.

Jun 24, 2010

Toshiba's First Android Netbook AC100 | NVIDIA Tegra 250 Processor 8-hour Playback 1080p video

Toshiba AC100 is their world first machine run on Android 2.1, and is shaping up to be a very tidy netbook with up to 8 hours of battery, or up to 7 DAYS' standby life. Toshiba AC100 allowing instant emailing, web browsing and document editing on the go.

Toshiba's AC100 combines full-size keyboard and compact clamshell form factor to offer a truly stunning mobile device.

Apr 15, 2010

Mobile Phone with Large Keypad(Buttons)

“Just5” proved to mobile innovation - it is easily managed. Phone, in particular a distinctive keyboard and bright screen, the company that specializes in an easy and convenient for use in mobile devices design and manufacture.

Cell phone "Just5" for older people - all the phone features tailored to their needs. One of the unique features of this phone is its keyboard. It consists of broad, rectangular buttons with distinct characters who are more than two times higher than conventional mobile phones, keys (keys on the keyboard dimensions - 15x13 mm), while browsing the phone's menu buttons for even more extensive (menu buttons dimensions - 15x18 mm).

Apr 14, 2010

Microsoft Will Release Phones Two Models - Kin One and Kin Two

Microsoft has announced its mobile devices and Kin One and Kin Two. The manufacturer of new products is the company Sharp. Inter, which is the first smartphones under its own brand of Microsoft, it had previously produced only software for phones. According to Microsoft this smartphone for socially active users. This is based on Windows Phone, but significantly modified, with a modified interface, providing tight integration with social services. The interface includes elements of Windows Phone 7, but it is not a full-featured next-generation OS. At the same time, not support for any third-party applications from new products ...

Apr 9, 2010

New Generation NVIDIA Tegra 2

NVIDIA Corporation today officially announced a new generation of its platform Tegra, performed based on ARM processor. The new development, as expected, was named the NVIDIA Tegra 2 and a chip built on the norms of a "thin" 40-nm process technology, which is believed, makes it much more energy efficient solution than the Atom processors, and even platform Snapdragon.

However this chip includes eight independent processors, including dual-core CPU for mobile systems Cortex-A9 at speeds up to 1 GHz and, as stated, can operate up to four times faster than the first generation of Tegra.

New Charger From Toshiba

The Japanese firm Toshiba first major consumer electronics manufacturers put on the market of fuel cell technology. Dynario device runs on methyl alcohol and is designed for recharging mobile phones and players through the USB-connector. This edition reports PCWorld. In Dynario use the technology of direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC - Direct Methanol Fuel Cell), which allows you to convert into electricity the energy of chemical interaction of methyl alcohol of high concentration, water and oxygen. The reaction products are water and a small amount of carbon dioxide. To stabilize the voltage of electric current escaping and achieve greater efficiency using the built-in device intermediate lithium-ion battery operated microcontroller.

Mar 11, 2010

Nokia Patents Self-Charging Battery Concept

Nokia has filed a patent for a new battery technology that could lead to the development of self-charging power cells in mobile phones.

The 'Piezoelectric Kinetic Energy Harvester' combines the principles of piezoelectricity and kinetic energy to create a battery that can be charged simply by moving around.

The technology would see the battery able to slide around inside the phone thanks to a pair of frames linked by a piezoelectric crystal. As you move, the energy created from the battery's movement would be captured by the piezoelectric elements, converted to electrical energy, and then passed on to a power controller to be fed into the battery.

According to Nokia, the technology isn't designed to replace the need for conventional charging through the mains, but should make a difference to how often you need to do it. It could also prove particularly useful if your phone goes flat while you're out and about, and you're nowhere near a power socket.

The patent application doesn't reveal how far Nokia has developed the concept, or when – indeed, if – if it will make its way into consumer devices.

A similar system is already in use in kinetic watches, which capture the energy created by your arm movements and then send it to top up the battery.

Via : itpro co uk