Sep 1, 2010

Meego OS Review | Meego OS for Netbooks, Smartphones and Tablet PC | Preview of User Experiences

In Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress , Nokia and Intel had held a crowded joint conference to announce the confluence of open-source projects Moblin ( originally an OS based on Fedora Linux and promoted by Intel , then returned to the orbit of the Linux Foundation ) and Maemo ( platform developed by Nokia for its smartphones and Internet tablets based on Debian Linux) in the new operating system Meego.

But despite the crush of journalists and professionals , the presentation was very sparing of details and so we at Notebook Italy as foreign colleagues were left with an unsatisfied curiosity and many unspoken questions.

A few months later , finally get our questions answered with the assistance of Lynn Wang , Strategic Relationship Manager , Rao Yeleswarapu , product marketing manager , and Danny Zhang, Senior Engineering Manager at IDF 2010 in Beijing.

Meego learn that will target a very wide range of portable: next-generation smartphones , Netbook, Tablet PC, IPTV , mobile phones, video phones and systems IVI (In Vehicle Infotainment ) for entertainment in cars.

Of the two branches merged in Meego , the stronger will be Moblin that will form the heart of the new OS  ( so much so that applications for Moblin 2.1 will be compatible with Meego ), but enriched by unspecified " Maemo technologies.

There will however also the items that break rispatto its predecessor . For example, the browser will become official Chrome (Chromium ported to Linux ), although Firefox will continue to be developed as an alternative option . This option opens unpredictable scenarios , prefiguring a possible collaboration in the Google project.

The user interface (UX , User Experience) will be based on that of Moblin , with configurable toolbar from which to access a control panel for customizing the UI, but with a number of improvements, such as the applet calendar and time and the new redesigned interface that includes social networking and instant messaging.

It also improves the user interface for managing the webcam and all the multimedia sector , which includes an updated application for playing audio and video . Will be supported all the latest wireless networks, including 3G and WiMAX will be a pre-installed email client extremely simple and intuitive , compatible with all major webmail services.

The look and feel of the GUI will be developed on the basis of Qt framework With particular attention to support the touch and multitouch gestures with the aim of creating interfaces optimized for touchscreen devices.

The first screenshots and the first video non -public Meego UX Netbook  show a clear relationship with Moblin GUI , with the desktop in three areas: the upper band is occupied by the tabbed toolbar , while the area below has a vertical column with a sort of organizer. All the rest is occupied by the applet social networking and chat windows.

Recall that also has a Meego variant smartphone - handeld, obviously characterized by specific applications and user interface specially called M2 Handset UX. This is a UI in which buying obviously greater emphasis on touch control and communications functions . Among the more interesting features , we report support for horizontal or vertiale desktop , browser -based Web Fennec and provided support for Flash , the virtual keyboard and seamless integration with the services of VoIP, IM and social networking.

For the first time , Intel and Nokia also disclose roadmap of future releases Meego. Version 1.0 , which was given a copy of development March 31 , followed by version 1.1 in October and 1.2 in April 2011, following an update every six months. Since Meego will be devoted primarily to devices equipped with hardware Made in Santa Clara, not surprising that such a refresh rate coincide with the famous cadence Tick- Tock , which marks the update of the microarchitecture.

Steve Carrypad UMPC  considers that the appointment in October may be essential for the maturation of the new OS , coinciding with a meeting of developers ( Meego summit) and with the launch of the new terminal GW990 LG and Nokia N-series

Like any self-respecting new OS also will have its Meego app storeIndeed many, many appstore . Nokia OVI to the existing store, will join Intel in fact the baby AppUp Center which follow many co - branded store in cooperation with mobile operators and manufacturers.


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