Apr 9, 2010

New Charger From Toshiba

The Japanese firm Toshiba first major consumer electronics manufacturers put on the market of fuel cell technology. Dynario device runs on methyl alcohol and is designed for recharging mobile phones and players through the USB-connector. This edition reports PCWorld. In Dynario use the technology of direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC - Direct Methanol Fuel Cell), which allows you to convert into electricity the energy of chemical interaction of methyl alcohol of high concentration, water and oxygen. The reaction products are water and a small amount of carbon dioxide. To stabilize the voltage of electric current escaping and achieve greater efficiency using the built-in device intermediate lithium-ion battery operated microcontroller.

The device thickness and width approximately equal to the ordinary mobile phone, but a little longer. Price Dynario is 29800 yen (about U.S. $ 330). Concentrated methanol for its refueling sold in special cartridges cost 3150 yen (about $ 34), in each of five vials of 50 milliliters. Filling device with methanol takes about 20 seconds, according to Toshiba.

One bottle is enough for charging the two standard telephones. Toshiba and its partner for the production of cartridges, the company Toyo Seikan Kaisha, declare that the device and cartridges are fully consistent with the preliminary safety standards, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Orders for Dynario complete with cartridge taken on a special web site "Shop1048". Initially, the device will be sold only on the domestic Japanese market, so it released a limited edition of three thousand copies. If the demand will be high, the production will be increased. The first prototype of charging for methanol fuel cells has been shown Toshiba in 2003, but the commercial sample appeared only now. At the moment the consumer market also presents fuel cell Company Medis Technologies American and German SFC.

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