Apr 9, 2010

New Generation NVIDIA Tegra 2

NVIDIA Corporation today officially announced a new generation of its platform Tegra, performed based on ARM processor. The new development, as expected, was named the NVIDIA Tegra 2 and a chip built on the norms of a "thin" 40-nm process technology, which is believed, makes it much more energy efficient solution than the Atom processors, and even platform Snapdragon.

However this chip includes eight independent processors, including dual-core CPU for mobile systems Cortex-A9 at speeds up to 1 GHz and, as stated, can operate up to four times faster than the first generation of Tegra. Platform NVIDIA Tegra 2 implements the support of streaming Full HD videos and port HDMI. The list of supported Tegra 2 operating systems includes Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Android, and in the future, this processor may be able to work with the cloudy software platform Chrome OS.

Among other things, NVIDIA Tegra platform 2 supports a sensory function, which, combined with low power consumption makes it suitable for use in future Tablet PCs, and smartphones. Although not yet released a single finished product on Tegra 2, NVIDIA claims that the technological exhibition CES 2010 with its partners intend to announce several planshetnikov touch screens from five to ten inches in diagonal, constructed on the basis of this promising platform.

Chip comes a bright future in mobile devices, and manufacturers are planning to release netbooks with such a chip. For comparison, Tegra "battery life should be enough for 130 hours of music or for 30 hours of video” But the ARM architecture does not allow to establish a full-fledged Windows (XP, Vista, 7). For users who use the netbook only for its intended purpose (sites, videos, music) do not change - only time and speed increase. However, if you netbook Although it is small, but full-fledged computer with Microsoft Office, or if you are accustomed to only one browser, then the absence of Windows can be a problem. In fact, netbooks based on the Tegra will be missing a step between the handheld and notebook computers - the body and keyboard netbook, PDA capabilities.

via : NVIDIA

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