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Nov 18, 2010

Logitech World's First Solar Wireless Keyboard K750

 Logitech first introduced light powered keyboard is called Solar Wireless Keyboard K750. When we first sat down to build the keyboard, we wanted to intend it so that it would bring the superior performance people have come to expect from Logitech products, even in areas where there is little light think winter in the Arctic Circle.

Apr 15, 2010

Mobile Phone with Large Keypad(Buttons)

“Just5” proved to mobile innovation - it is easily managed. Phone, in particular a distinctive keyboard and bright screen, the company that specializes in an easy and convenient for use in mobile devices design and manufacture.

Cell phone "Just5" for older people - all the phone features tailored to their needs. One of the unique features of this phone is its keyboard. It consists of broad, rectangular buttons with distinct characters who are more than two times higher than conventional mobile phones, keys (keys on the keyboard dimensions - 15x13 mm), while browsing the phone's menu buttons for even more extensive (menu buttons dimensions - 15x18 mm).